Monday, July 3, 2017

My June Dividend Income Summary (Record!) + Latest buys : $POW $ENB $JNJ $ACO.X $CNR...

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my sixth Dividend Income Summary for 2017. 

As you can see on my Passive Income page13 companies/ETF's chipped in for this month. 

June is a great month that kicks off the summer in a fine way!  

This month I managed to collect the nice sum of 662.43$ It's a record of mine! 

The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

              REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 49.00$ 

              REIT RIO Can (REU.UN) : 14.69$ 

             Vanguard Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF (VSB) : 18.78$

               Enbridge (ENB) : 61.00$

               Fortis (FTS) : 51.20$

              Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) : 145.88$ (The king of Kings).

              Suncor (SU) : 48.00$ (SU isn't part of my big 6 anymore, it's still a force to be reckon with.)

             Vanguard International ETF (VIU) : 29.23$

             Vanguard Canadian ETF (VCN) : 19.23$

             ATCO (ACO.X): 49.13$

             Power Corp (POW): 107.55$

             Canadian National Railway (CNR): 35.06$

             Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) : 33.68$

Latest buys and thoughts
  • I made 5 buys in June. 
  • I invested in companies I own according to my strategy Some of them were pretty beat-up so I added a few to my existing tally. 
  • I finalized (it's an addiction!) my stake in Power Financial (PWF). I now own 300 shares of both PWF and Power Corp (POW.). The whole conglomerate is a little heavy at the moment in my portfolio, (almost 10%) but I'm confident both these stocks will do very well in the future, especially when interest rates go up. It will eventually.  So for now, it's a hold strategy and I will no longer add any of these two stocks (I think so). 
  • I also added some Enbridge again this month. I now hold 150 shares of ENB. I like this stock and since it's fallen down a little bit lately because of oil prices I though I might as well make a move. It now represents a stake of 4% in my portfolio, but I wouldn't mind if it reaches 5-6%. 
  • Speaking of oil prices, another one of my stock was selling cheap (sort of). It's an old stock of mine, and I'm talking about Suncor (SU). I've got an average price per share of around 34$. So I didn't mind paying a little more (38$-39$) for a stock I have been owning since 8 years or so. I now hold 175 shares of SU and it provides me with 236.80$ in dividends annually. 
  • I've also added some Rio Can Real Estate (REI.UN). This is a fairly new addition in my portfolio. Since I first initiated this position the stock has been on the downside. That's always like that, isn't it! So I thought I would add some more when it went below 25$ (it now might go below 24$!).  Rio Can REIT still remain a small player in my portfolio. 

NameTicker#PriceTotal DividendDivvy added/ year 
Power FinancialPWF25$32.53813.25$$1.6541.25$
Rio CanREI.UN25$24.86621.50$$1.4135.25$

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My May Dividend Income Summary + Latest buys : $BNS $RY $PWF $VZ...

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my fifth Dividend Income Summary for 2017. 

As you can see on my Passive Income page, only 6 companies chipped in for this month. May is a slow month but, what can I say.  money coming in is... well it's money and it's fine by me!

So although May is a quiet month I still managed to collect 283.42$

The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

               REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 42.88$ (I am now overweight on CUF.UN. I had to buy some lately to average down my price/share ratio. See below my explanation);

              Vanguard Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF (VSB) : 17.68$ (VSB provide a steady and safe dividend income stream. This number will grow. I intend to increase my position over time)

              Verizon (VZ) : 19.62$ (One of those stocks I wish I had more.. I will if the stock price goes  down and the Canadian dollar goes up... Waiting for the latter!)

             Royal Bank of Canada (RY) : 113.10$ (My 2nd biggest financial position. A keeper.)

             Power Financial (PWF) : 82.50$. (My fourth biggest financial/insurance position. A keeper.)

             Rio Can REIT (REI.UN) : 7.64$  (A new comer and my second REIT overall. Can't say I abuse of those juicy divvy payers)

My total Dividend paid for 2017 :  260,30$ + 264.24$ + 556.30+278.54$+283.42 = 1642.80$ 

Latest buys and thoughts
  • I mentioned on Twitter how I hardly really purchased anything (nor sell) this year. Well, against the saying "Sell in May and go away"  I have decided to make my moves on some stocks. So it's more like "Buy in May, don't shy away". (Trying to be poetic here. Geez!).
  • If you follow me from time to time (do not stalk me!), you must know by now that my strategy consist of holding not more than 20 stocks (maybe 25... Geez, you are so stock up!)  or so and invest in those companies when there is a fallout of at least 10% from their year high. 
  • So basically I own companies I know well and that do pretty well too... And A) I buy them again on the dips and I hold on to them as long as possible and I collect their dividends. And I start all over again (see point A).
  • But I realized over the past couples of years (bull market) that such a fallout (of more than 10%) doesn't happen every month. You have to learn to be patient and pull the trigger when time comes. 
  • Time came and I pulled the trigger (a little bit). 
  • On Power Financial, notably. This Insurance conglomerate has been slumping for the past 6-7 years. However, I like the way they handle their business : very conservatively. They have a long time plan and stick to it no matter what Mr. Market says or does. They have increased their dividend for the past 3 years after a hiatus of 4-5 years following the Financial crisis. The stock is currently trading with a 5% yield! Yes they are selling expensive mutual funds (like all banks!) through Investors Group and MacKenzie Investments but they are also selling Index funds nowadays (heard of those products?) and, even better, they have entered the Robot-adviser big potential market with WealthSimple. Besides all of this, I really like their insurance companies. Does Great West Life, London Life, Canada Life or Irish Life rings a bell? It's owned by PWF! Oh, and did I mention they hold stakes in Pernod Ricard and Adidas among other companies? Check out their empire here
  • I have added some Enbridge too. I first initiated a position two years ago. And I was hoping I could increase it eventually. After a 12% drop this year, I thought it was the right time to make a small move. I will increase it further if it drops some more. My exposure to the energy sector is kind of low. 
  • I have added some Cominar like I said previously. The board of the company said it was maintaining its current distribution (1.47$/unit). But the yield remains dangerously high (above 10%). I will keep an eye on it. But since the stocks has dropped more than 40%, I thought I could either wait or make a move and try to average down my share/price. I did the latter. I now hold 400 units. I will leave it like that for now.
  • I have been known here not to chase yield at all cost. Hence my reluctance to jump with both feets in the REIT train. But I always felt a little bit of exposure to it was wise. Rio Can and Canadian Apartments are two REIT's I like. Unfortunately, only the former was selling cheap lately. I bought some REI.UN at the beginning of the year. Then the price dropped some more and I bought some again this month. I have now exposure to the industrial and commercial real estates. CAR.UN will eventually fill the residential spot I am missing. Patience is always key.
  • Finally, I have decided to add some stocks of Bank of Nova Scotia. This is now my #1 financial investment. (close tie with Royal Bank). Why more BNS? Because it's a Canadian bank with a large international exposure and it's doing very well (check their latest quarter). It's pretty safe and reliable. Why 19 stocks? To make it even at 170! (anymore questions? no you don't!)
  • All in all I have added this month almost 300$ in my forward dividend tally. Katching. Like I said, "Buy in May, don't shy away!". 

NameTicker#PriceTotal DividendDivvy added/ year
Power FinancialPWF50$32.74$1,637.00$1.65$82.50
Rio CanREI.UN25$25.24$631.00$1.41$35.25
Cominar CUF.UN50$13.24$662.00$1.47$73.50
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS19$75.43$1,433.17$3.04$57.76

What do you think of my dividend income stream? And my new buys?

Monday, May 1, 2017

My April 2017 Dividend Income Summary : $CUF.UN $BNS $BCE $ATD.B $CP $MDLZ $EMP.A

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my fourth Dividend Income Summary for 2017. Time flies as always.

As you can see on my Passive Income page7 companies chipped in for this month.  

In April, I managed to collect 278.54$Not a great amount, but not too shabby either

The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

                REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 44.88$ (bought some more lately to average-down my share-cost)

                Canadian Pacific (CP) : 25$ (No Dividend raise so far this year. What's next with the merger of CSX? Nobody knows except Huntel Harrison perhaps.) 

                Mondelez (MDLZ) : 26.67$ (Could be a potential buy  for Warren Buffet and 3G. MDLZ has done great these past 4-5 years but not on the dividend front).

                Alimentation Couche-Tard (ATD.B) : 10.80$ (Not a big dividend player just yet. But they have raised their dividend three times in 2015-2016. How about 2017? Let's wait and see).

                BCE (BCE): 43.05$. (Year after year, BCE show strong results and hike its dividend. What's not to like? I wish I had some more.)

                Empire Company  (EMP.A): 15.38$. (A new comer. I bought this stock at one of its lowest point. EMP.A owns 41.5 percent in Crombie REIT, which owns a portfolio of 261 retail and office properties across Canada.)

                Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) : 114.76$ (Yes, that's mighty impressive! BNS is now a top holding of mine.)

My total Dividend paid for 2017 :  260,30$ + 264.24$ + 556.30+278.54$ = 1359.38$

What do you think of my dividend income stream?

Friday, March 31, 2017

My March 2017 Dividend Income Summary : $POW $ACO.X $VIU $VCN $JNJ $ENB $FTS $KHC $VSB $SU $CUF.UN

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my third Dividend Income Summary for 2017. 

As you can see on my Passive Income page, 11 companies chipped in for this month.  Wow!

In March, I managed to collect 556.30$. I thought the divvy that came in late during March would be counted as April dividend. But apparently they ended up being registered in my account as March Dividends. Whatever the month, as long as they come in. right?.. Nevertheless, I corrected the numbers below to reflect accurately my dividends collected for this month. It's not bad. Not bad at all!

The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

                REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 36.75$  (I recently bought 50 additional shares so this amount will increase next month);

                Vanguard VSB (VSB) : 16.36$ (steady income from this low-cost bond fund)

                Vanguard VIU (VIU) : 4.93$ (small income from this low-cost international fund)

                Vanguard VCN (VCN) : 17.03$ (not a bad income from this low-cost Canadian stock fund)

                AtTCO  (ACO.X) : 49.13$ (ATCO is red-hot these days.)

                Enbridge (ENB) : 58.30$ (The divvy has gone up since their last increase)

                Power Corp (POW) : 100.50$ (The Canadian financial conglomerate will probably increase its dividend in May. What are you waiting for?)

                Fortis (FTS) : 51.20$ (The divvy has gone up since their last increase).

               Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) : 140.25$ (King of Kings. Dividend increase in April...).

              Suncor (SU) : 48.00$ (SU isn't part of my big 5 anymore, it's still a force to be reckon with.)

             Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) : 33. 85$ (What does Warren have in store with this stock?).

My total Dividend paid for 2017 :  260,30$ + 264.24$ + 556.30 = 1080.84$

What do you think of my dividend income stream? 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My February 2017 Dividend Income Summary : $PWF $RY $VZ $VCN $CUF.UN

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my second Dividend Income Summary for 2017. 

I'm currently abroad trying to master a third language. It's a pretty humbling experience. 

Learning a language, like many of you know (yet too little I might add), is like being a kid again: you can barely communicate, you are clueless, you look stupid most of the time (hats with straight visor rings a bell?) you make a lot of mistakes and girls don't dig you (why would they with your pants down your butt?).

But! -- no pun intended. And therein lies the beauty of it all, once you start to master your new language you will slowly unlocked your inner capacities. Suddenly the world will truly become your oyster (ok, maybe not that much, but eh, it will make you feel better!). It's like turning the whole world upside down. "Tupsy turvy that m**** f****".  (quote from Curb your enthusiasm). You will feel good, confident and girls dig confidence. I know that for a fact (I have asked my mom!).

So try it : french, mandarin, japanese, spanish... whatever! Just stop saying you should like most of the of the world. Get off your lazy butt and do it. Use your dividends to pay fo your classes! Duh. That is wise dividend investing by the way, probably one of the smartest way to use this free money.

So, I was saying...

As you can see on my Passive Income page, only 5 companies chipped in for this month. I might start looking for dividend paying companies that pay in February!

So this month, I managed to collect 264.24 $The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

                REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 36.75$

                Power Financial (PWF) : 78.50$ (this stock is finally doing pretty well. I have added to this position over the last two years and I'm quite happy I did).

                Royal Bank of Canada (RY) : 107.90$ (It's RY, need I say more?).

                Vanguard (VSB) : 22.38$ (Slowly but steady).

                Verizon (VZ): 18.71$. (I want more Verizon!).

My total Dividend paid for 2017 :  260,30$ + 264.24$ = 524,54$

What do you think of my dividend income stream? Fancy learning a language? Which one?