Sunday, December 23, 2012

Facts about my my Portfolio

This is my actual portfolio. It only includes the money I hold in stocks. So no bonds, no cash, strickly what I have purchased on the market, which is roughly 60 K$.

(1) Suncor - SU
10 611,25 $
(2) Johnson and Johnson (U$) - JNJ
Health Care
10 548,17 $
(3) Power Corporation - POW
9 316,60 $
(4) Barrick Gold - ABX
7 656,70 $
(5) Banque Royale RBC - RY
6 164,88 $
(6) Kraft Foods Group (U$) - KRFT
Consumer Goods
2 263,07 $
(7) Mondelez International (U$) - MDLZ
Consumer Goods
3 866,81 $
(8) Chemins de fer Canadien Pacifique - CP
Transports / train
4 039,20 $
(9) ConocoPhilipps (U$) - COP
2 913,21 $
(10) Index Fund USA (RBC)
Index Fund USA
1 681,66 $
(AA) Others : Junex + Penny Stock
330,00 $

59 391,55 $

I know I said I didn't hold funds. I actually do. One. See, I order to cut my banking fees RBC made me open a TFSA account outside of my RBC Direct Investing accounts. So I did. I invest automatically 50 $ every two weeks. Obviously, I only had access to the RBC products. I picked the US Index Fund with the lowest fee. I will eventually take out the money  and transfer it into my Direct Investing account to buy stocks (real ones, I would say). And start the process all over again. Anyway, meanwhile, this is my only fund and the sole purpose is to cut the RBC Bank fees. I hate Bank fees. But I take comfort in the fact that eventually it will come back to my pocket in the form of dividends. Right now, RBC has a 2. 40$ dividend per share, which makes a return of about 250 $ annually.

Some facts about my portfolio:

  • JNJ and POW are my longest holdings; since 2010.
  • CP has done incredibly well since I bought the stock in June 11. I wish I have bought more. (I actually sold half of it at 75$...).  I consider the stock overprice at 100$. 
  • Barrick Gold is slumping like mad. My average cost is 41 $.
  • The AA portion is basically crap; some leftovers from various Penny Stocks and shares from Junex, a Canadian-based company into shale gas. It's not going anywhere at the moment.


  1. Thank you for holding this open conversation. It is a rare treat.

    On contrary I quite like bank fees. In a way it is an indication that banks bank will not try to rip you off somewhere else.

    Bank has to make money somehow. If there is no fees...they will find a way.

  2. Hello Financial Independance. Bank fees are outrageous sometimes, especially when they are only holding your money. Some fees are legitimate, like commissions, etc. But our good banks don't make astronomical profits for nothing. ETF's really shake their world at the moment, and Banks realize MER of more than 2,5% are simply excessive. (Especially when the market dives)

    Dividends from my bank is a good way to appease my mind.


  3. That Hunter Harrison is a heck of a CEO eh :0) I missed out on CP this time around. Shame, because I really wanted to buy some railway companies stocks. I started to invest seriously in the stock market around 2010 as well.


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