Friday, January 11, 2013

Invest in what ?

I have almost 10 K$ sitting in my brokerage account. And I will be receiving almost 50 K$ soon. I'm in front of a nice problem : what do I do with that money? How do I invest it? Or do I ?

Dear fellow financial bloggers, I want to hear you out.

  • I can leave the cash there, doing basically nothing -  maybe 1.5 % in an ING Direct account.
  • I can invest passively in those boring ETF's.
  • I can add to some of my positions currently slumping (POW, ABX or even SU).
  • I can invest in a farm land in Saskatchewan!
  • I can buy a new house and rent my condo
  • I can buy a land, a wood forrest, etc. 
  • Or I can keep that money in an emergency fund. And wait till an opportunity comes up.

Remember, the strategy has to fit my financial philosophy. I want to keep my positions under 12. I want to maintain my «bond/fix income» position to at least 20 % of my portfolio value. Basically, I am not going to get carried away with small-caps companies...

I would really like to hear from you! Come on! Yes you. Write to me!

Trivia : guess what pages of my blog have been the most popular. You got it : Portfolio and Dividends and Royalties. You sneaky greedy little monks! ;-) I guess we all like to compare. I am not any different.



  1. For me long term investing I follow in the foot steps of my fellow (not that I blog anymore) bloggers (my own adviser and dividend ninja)and invest for dividend income. To me a slumping price is good as it means my re-invested dividends go further.

    Currently I hold

    Aberdeen Asia Pacific (FAP)
    Bank of Montreal
    Bank of Nova Scotia
    Bell Aliant
    TD Bank

    Generally speaking my investment horizons is forever.

  2. On to your specific question, you may want to take a look at Aberdeen Asia Pacific (FAP).

    It's a closed end MF and I know a lot of bloggers don't like that but its got a DRIP with OCP and has a long term track record (20 plus years I think) They've never increased the dividend but the yield is over 8% so that more than makes up for it.

  3. Finally I'd highly suggest reading Millionaire Teacher my Andrew Hallam, one of the best most readable investing books out there.

  4. Thanks Rob! I will check out FAP. I'm not sure, though, if it fits my Investment philosophy. As for the Milionnaire Teacher Book, I heard about it a few times. I might check it out, although I doubt I will find in it things I haven't elsewhere (the Peter Lynch books for instance). But it could be a nice read anyhow. Thanks for droping by! How have you been?

  5. very quiet over Christmas, slowly getting back into blogging, found my brain on holiday mode to be not in the blogging mode!

    I enjoyed his book but he invests only in ETFs and I prefer individual stocks. FAP is a good "fixed income" hold but they've never increased the dividend, still 8% is nothing to sneeze at.

  6. Also currently I'm researching ETS via the and his sister site Canadian dividend stock

  7. I'm still not sure what I will do with my cash flow. For now it's sitting in a saving account not doing much. Will see if opportunities arise. Thanks for the suggestions. I like your Portfolio BTW. Great Dividend payers.


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