Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My fellow visitors (congrats)

Hello visitors, 

I have put some good work lately on this blog. Worked out a nice and pretty up to date bar header. You have now access, in real time (almost), to my complete portfolio and dividends-royalties schedule. 

 I have my fair share of visitors. But I wouldn't call it a wave! Then again, I don't really do any publicity. None of my friends nor my family know about this blog. 

I have left some comments here and there on other blogs. But that's about it. I don't mind the low-key aspect of this blog, but I miss the exchanges with other bloggers. 

Anyway, time will tell how this project unfolds. Right now I use this blog as a motivator and a tool to keep tracks of my financial activities. And it's great to see other bloggers doing so well. It's a fair and exciting way to boost each other right up to retirement!

Some other blogs have already caught my attention, for different reasons, some good, some bad. I spoke about that topic in a post call The good the bad and the ugly.

But right now I would like to concentrate on the good ones. So props up, in my view, to some of the best achievements from some of the bloggers I follow :

  • The mortgage killer. The Blogscar goes to Nurse Frugal. She and her husband are on a mission and want to get rid of their newly acquired mortage. 61 % is already paid off. Wow. This is quite a feat. Congratulations guys! BTW, I am still a little traumatized by that story of a smelly garlic-skunk omelet fart... (Good luck with all that!).
  • The most original investor. The blogscar goes to Freedomthirtyfive who baught  a piece of land in Saskatchewan and will be renting it. That takes some ball for a guys in his twenties living in British Columbia.  Seriously dude, it's a nice achievement. Very impressive.
  • The frugalator. The blogscar goes to Dividend Mantra who managed to come with a monthly budget (in December, mind you!) of under 1 200 $! What else can we say? We would love to visit your place! You live so cheaply why even bother wanting to retire! Congrats amigo, it's very well done. We are all jealous.
There are other blogs I would like to salute, but I miss the time this morning. I will eventually post another Blogscar achievements piece. Thanks for coming by. 

How about you tell me if you like my blog? 


  1. Johnny,

    Thanks so much for the blogscar! It's much appreciated, and I'm honored you think so highly of my blog.

    I'll make sure to stop by and comment!

    Best wishes.

  2. Thanks for coming Mantra man. You are my frugal man idol!

  3. Thanks for adding me to your blogscar :D I think your site is off to a great start so far. Keep up the consistency and I'm sure your blog will flourish with time.

  4. My first year of blogging didn't bring much for visitors but it's starting to pick up. I'm not expecting anything spectacular but it's nice to have more traffic that leads to more comments. I think the open discussion and sharing of ideas is the best part of having a blog.


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