Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Net Worth Updated

Hey Financial Freaks!

I have updated my net worth today. I know my arithmetic has been quite up and down lately. It's because of recent changes in the amount I have received. Anyway, the page Net Worth should now be pretty acurate.

Here's a few changes I have made:

I have added the 6 K$ I have received last week.

I have put 4 K$ (instead of 2.5) for my motorcycle and car. See, I have been working on my bike for quite some time now and I reckon the value has gone up. As for the car, it's mostly my girlfriend but she say's its 33 % mine (hey! I paid some of the bills!). So this 4 K $ is very conservative.

The value of my pension plan is bound to fluctuate because of the market. But those are the latest numbers I was told.

As for the real estate part, the net worth number represent 50 % of my profit if we would sell today. Again, this is a conservative estimate.

So, all in all, I am worth 330 K $. Not bad for a thirty-something old guy. It could be better and it could be much worse.

What do you think? How do I rank up?


  1. You are about exactly where I am at, age and value. I just put up a net worth page but haven't made a post about it yet.

  2. Hey AAI! Yeah, we are pretty toe to toe. The race is on! :-) I especially like your Real Estate diversification. And I am sure would love your Cayenne too!

    Right now, I d'say your a little ahead of me. I lack some positions in the Market. I've got some money sleeping at the moment and therefore not doing much. I need to be patient and wait for the right opportunities. Also, I need to look at other form of investments such as renting my condo eventually and buying something new. This year will be key.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Well you're both way ahead of me (^v^) The average household net worth in Canada was $363,202 in 2011. Not sure what is now but probably not far from that figure I'm guessing. That means you still have a bit more to go before you're even average. Sacre bleu, we live in a rich country eh. But in terms of your age relative to wealth you are doing so much better than most people in their 30s :D

  4. Interesting facts about average household in Canada. I did not know that. I guess that if I included the net worth of my significant other we would beat the average. I reckon her NW to be around 125 K$. Which is quite good, because she's bit younger than I. Take care Liquid and big props for what you have achieved at such a young age.


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