Friday, January 4, 2013

New Google Docs Portfolio

It has not been easy, but I found a way so that my Portfolio is updated automatically via Google docs. Actually it's not that complicated.

 Other bloggers who want to do it can write to me.

 So there you have it, in my bar header, my portfolio always updated. No hassle.

 No big change in it. Still holding off some cash in my account. I am waiting for some stocks to drop before buying anything cheap and worth it. Unless you have any great ideas?

 Stocks I would buy in a second if they'd actually drop:

  •  Kraft (KRFT) -- below 41 $ 
  •  Cominar REIT (CUF.UN) -- below 20 $ 
  •  Railway companies such as CN or CP -- below 75 $ 
  •  Alimentation Couche-Tard -- below 40 $ 
  •  General Dynamics -- below 60 $
  • Atco (ACOX) -- below 60$
  • Enbridge -- below 35 $

And so on.

It's the wisdom of exercising patience in investing.


  1. I use Google as well to keep track of all my accounts. The stock prices on Canadian companies are usually delayed by 15-20 minutes but can't complain too much. Let me know when you decide to pick up some railway companies, I might go in with you depending on the circumstances. I wanted to last year actually but didn't have the time to do the research and ran out of money lol.

  2. Hey Liquid. I have been using Google docs for quite some times now. But I was looking for a way so publish the document on this very blog. It's now working well I think. (see the bar header)

    CN and CP are overpriced at the moment. But those companies are sweet, especially CN, which as a lower operating ratio.

    I will let you posted for sure. Congrats on your Net Worth. Very well done.

  3. I recently converted a lot of my tables on my blog to Google docs. It couldn't have been easier and now I have much less to have to update every month.

  4. Yeah, but if you have different sheets you want to use in the same spreadsheets there is a snag. You have to create other spreadsheets. Did you have this problem?

    1. I noticed that too as I was updating one of my pages this morning. I just went ahead and made another spreadsheet because it was easier to do that at the time. Hopefully they'll get it fixed so you can embed different sheets in one spreadsheet into a post.

      Overall it was still easy to get going and much easier for updating later. The alternative was manually changing the tables or taking screenshots of my Excel sheets. So I'm pleased with it.


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