Monday, January 21, 2013

Today is X-MAS (again and again!)

Dear Financial Freaks,

The postman just came in today with a new X-MAS gift. See, in the beginning I was estimating a cash out networth of roughly 48 K$. But then the check arrived and it was 42 K$... What I didn't  know was that I would get an extra check worth of 6 K$ destined to my RRSP. Well, since the 6 K$ has already been put into my RRSP, I guess the 6 K$ will simply be deposit into my saving account! Katching.

I am almost glad it came like that. It's two X-Mas gift instead of two!


Hey! Great news this morning as I saw that my cash out was in. Bells were ringing and so on. It was X-MAS all over again, like the good tune by Tom Petty. 

People viewing my Portfolio might have noticed a big change in the total lane... And no, it's not Barrick Gold picking up the slack!

Like I said, I am going through The Intelligent Investor again. And, coincidentally, this very quote by Benjamin Franklin was a few pages away the day before :

"Human Felicity is produc'd not so much by great Pieces of good Fortune that seldom happen, as by little Advantages that occur every day. " (page 124.)

I have to agree Benjamin, but today is one of those good fortune day that seldom happen. But they sure feel good nonetheless.

No kidding, especially when you are 43 K$ richer! Katching.

Needless to say it was a busy Financial day. But I knew where to direct the cash, let me tell you that!
(I am still not sure as to what to actually do with it though / see previous post).

First off : I put 6 K $ into my RRSP right away. 4 K $ will be used to buy stocks eventually and 2 K$ will be buying Government Bonds.

Secondly, I put 3 K$ in my Emergency fund, for a total of 5 K$. I figured I didn't need a bigger fund since cash is sitting elsewhere -- not invest in anything.

The rest goes like this :

  • I've put 4 K $ in my TFSA. Since I also make bi-monthly payments, I should be able to full my contribution for this year, which is 5 500$. I have to find stocks to buy.
  • I've put 4 K$ into my Brokerage non registered account. I have to find stocks to buy.
  • And I've put 19 K $ in a boring saving account as I might need this money this year -- either for a new project or simply to pay the bills.
That's pretty much it. The money has been redirected. But I still need to figure out what to do with some of it. I have my ideas. But they need time to be implemented. Just like everything else, time is honey -- and money.

Let me know what you think. I greatly appreciate hearing from you. It motivates me.

You will also see that I have added a more complete overview of my Net Worth

Take care Financial Freaks.


  1. Think I mentioned this before but two excellent books are The Millionaire Teacher - this is more general finance. Good if you like a couch potatoes portfolio and the other rather surprisingly is the Dividend Growth by Mike Heroux of The Dividend Guy Blog. He goes into a ton of detail on how to pick Dividend stocks. I'm undecided how much I'll change but it's a very good book

    Also I'm also about to email a friend who has a small account with Quest Trade ($5 trades) to tell him to close it and go with DRIP stocks, as boring as snooze fest as you can go. I mean a $50 cheque every three months. Watching paint dry is more exciting. But it's how my Dad built almost a million dollar portfolio. His only investment criteria was that the stock was CDN and had a DRIP/SPP

    But it worked


  2. Hey Trader Rob,

    The Millionaire Teacher has been booked at the local Library. I should get him anytime soon. I will certainly check out the Mike Heroux book also. Driping is good. I drip in my RRSP. But for now, in my margin account and TFSA, I do not. I prefer to get a hold of the money and do whatever I want with it, either pay bills or buy nwe stocks when they are cheaper.

    Right now, they're aren't much stocks to buy. Cheap, I mean. I prefer to wait for a Market correction. Will see how it turns out.

    Thanks for passing by.

  3. Congrats on the big cash out :0) that's a very sizable package. Your significant other must be really glad too. You will hit your $350K goal by the end of the year for sure (^_^) I've recently bought some coffee stocks and thinking about buying more stable companies like KO,PEP, and JNJ. There's certainly a lot of stocks right now at reasonable valuations but since the S&P500 is at a 5 year high, it might be better to wait for a small correction.

  4. Thanks Liquid. We are very happy -- me and my «significant other» ;-) Actually, It's been a longtime coming and we are just glad it's done. Now we have to focus on making it grow. As you have noticed, I am sitting on plenty of liquidity. But the snag is : nothing (good) is cheap at the moment. I think Starbucks is a wise move. I was always amazed to see the queue every morning for their hot drinks. I was telling myself : I would never wait that long just for a coffee; but people actually do and they ask for more the morning after. It should have rung a bell. Just like Apple when I waited to buy some at 60 $... and then bought some at 100 $ and sold it later on at 120 $. Oh well, live and learn they say...


Thanks a lot for your comment.