Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taxes and other stuff

Tax return and Kraft Foods Group

I just done my taxes and I should get a nice return of roughly 3 K$.  A little more with the 1, 5K$ from my girlfriend.

This time around, doing my taxes was a tad complicated. I had to send it by mail -- on paper I mean. Yeah, speaking about a stone-age method! Tax people are actually more demanding if you send it by mail; you need to send all those receipts, etc. Which was a pain.

The culprit for the paper part was my shares of Kraft Foods Group. I had to indicate in my tax return that I didn't want my new KRFT shares to be considered as a revenue with the recent spin Off. It's a little difficult to explain, but by doing so I'm getting much more on my return. Hence the hassle and the paper.

How I am diversified? But not crazy like

If you have ckecked out my Net Worth page, you can get a sense of how I have diversified my main assets between stocks and real estate for instance. Basically, it means I have a condo, some stuff (like a car and a motorcycle) and stocks on the market. I could be more diversified with a land, a rental property or else (eventually!). But that's it for now.

If you also look at my Portfolio, there is also some diversification between bonds and cash, and stocks.
Right now it's pretty much 50/50. This has to do with the market lacking buying opportunities more than the actual % proportion I am aiming at.

There is also some balancing between shares from sectors I want to be part in such as finances, energy and so on. Right now, I don't hold any shares from the Telecommunication sector. So it should give you a great indicator as to where I'd like to invest eventually. My energy sector is also low. As well as the consumer staple sector.

The point is : I feel it's important to balance well my portfolio in order not to be over exposed to one sector in particular -- and to forget one as well.


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