Friday, March 1, 2013

Ze Budget and some stuff

Financial Freaks!

February is over and I'm almost glad it is. We had planned to spend no more than 3, 5 K$ and ended up 776 $ under. Yikes!

Check out our budget and let me know what you think, or what you would do if you were me. Remember, you'd also be handsome and clever. So easy on the girls, I have a girlfriend remember!

Some stuff

  • I don't receive a lot of comments from people. Sometimes I think I'm the only one coming here. Maybe I am. (even my girlfriend is snubbing me -- and remember that I'm handsome and clever. So why? I'm asking you...). Anybody wants to say something. I'd take a hello!
  • I look at a guy like Dividend Mantra, people are visiting his blog like mad. What does he have that I don't ? A job? Good point. But apart from that? I own Canadian Stocks too! Geez...
  • Power Corporation (POW) has had a pretty good week. I'm telling you, this company is one of my favourite. It's got it all. 
  • I'm still waiting for the market to come tumbling down. I too I'm hunting for elephants, small elephants. OK, ok, something like a squirrel. But hey, I'm still hunting. Geez... If I buy something it will be no less than a 5 K$ buy. But when and what? This is the question.
  • Anyone seen Inglorious Basterds from Tarantino? The bar scene makes me want to learn German. Real bad. If you haven't seen it, check it here now. Now! 
  • I especially like the moment when the British spy is uncovered and he goes back to speaking the King's English with a « well if this is it ol' boy »... How about those Nazis uniform made by Hugo Boss. These guys were nuts well dressed.


  1. I also wish I had more readers and comments like DM. His blog is an inspiration and I'm working on building my readers up to his level.

    Keep it up!

  2. That would be fun to have more readers, but I don't mind the low key aspect of my blog. First and foremost, this site is meant to keep tracks of my financial journey to freedom. It's a great motivator in the sense!

    Keep it up too!


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