Monday, April 1, 2013

March Budget

March was great, spending wise. Although we barely missed the 3 500$ mark (by 71 $), we can still say mission accomplished. 

You can check out our progress here.

Car and moto repair, which basically means the money I put on my motorcycle, has been drastically cut off to 0 $.  And we have spent 126 $ less on food than the previous month.

The gasoline spending has been down as well, since my girlfriend hasn't traveled as much.
Activities / Sports and iTunes, which is the category for « FUN » has increased a little bit. We have done two scuba diving practices, which cost 30 $ each. And we went out a few times for a drink (or two).

The rest is pretty much like before. No real surprises. I figure the 3 500$ is attainable without (not so) much effort next month (April). 

While the market are rising (so does my interests side income)

As you are all aware, I am still on the sideline to buy something. I know, it's difficult. You want your money to create more wealth. Assets have to provide a bigger side income revenue. But, hey!, I have to wait.

Meanwhile, the money sitting in my saving accounts are generating more than 400$ a year. It's now my biggest side income cash-flow!

Check it out here.

OK, I know, it's also the most taxed. But right now, I feel more comfortable with the money there than in a some overvalued hot dividend stock. Unless Canada turns into Cyprus, I won't be losing much sleep on it.

Take care Financial Freaks.

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