Monday, June 3, 2013

Budget in May and go away!

Hey Financial Freaks!

Been awfully quiet these past couple of weeks, I know. You missed me, admit it? Geez, don't be so proud!

Well Mr. Market has been doing just fine in the meantime.  Can't really complain about it, except for
Barrick Gold (ABX).

I'm still sitting on a pile of cash, waiting to buy «snails», as opposed to safari-elephant-hunter Warren Buffet.

Right now, «snails» are still quite pricey.

For those of you guys who took full advantage of undervalued shares of Power Corporation and Power Financials, I salute you. The shares are up and have reached peaks I had not seen for a while. Keep on going guys!

I just completed my budget for May and this is the worst month by a long stretch. Since 2013, I have not been able to meet my objective of a 3.5K$ budget. Am I shooting too low? I don't think so. I just missed it by less than a 100$ in March. But it's definitely a hard target!

Check out my latest budget here and find out why it's such a drag to get under 3.5 K$. No, I don't spend all my time drinking red wine and eating Beef Tartare. I wish.

I don't see myself buying something  before a couple of months, unless the Market goes spiraling down.
I wish.

Right now my financial objective is to keep spendings to a minimum. And wait for «snails» or Real Estate opportunities.

I will catch you on the flip side.

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