Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Net Worth Updated

Hey Freaks,

Not working for six months has taken it's toll on my net worth as you can see. But eh, it sure feels damn good!

My inactivity on the salary-job front coupled with my Café Racer Project, my computer crashing down and so many little things costly are all responsible for this net worth slight drop.

Otherwise, all is good on the money front. Did I tell you my in-law made / or will be making a lot of money if he sells it's shares of Fannie Mae. But will he?

I'm still on the side of track stock wise. Haven't bought anything yet. 14 K$ is sitting there waiting to buy great value stocks.

What about you? Any cash available?

Weather is crap so far in my side of the planet. Waiting for summer to kick in.

Take care amigos.

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