Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Budget and new acquisition

Hey FF!

I have just updated our August Budget. We busted again. But geez-whiz we were on holidays. Give me a break!

I also made a new acquisition this month. I bought 100 shares of a REIT, Cominar that is (CUF.UN). I know shares of REIT's tend to drop when interest rate go up, but that's also a time when they are cheaper. Catch-22 situation, right?

Cominar owns a bit chunk of real estate in Quebec. The share yields at 7 %. It's a well-known and reliable company. I didn't have any REIT. It's a small position. But it's a start.

I know I said I would try to have no more than 12 companies in my portfolio, in order to be able to follow all of them closely. I might have to expand this number to 15. (I am currently at 12)

That's it for now. And how about Warren Buffet buying some Suncor! Told you it was a red hot stock!


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