Monday, October 7, 2013

September Budget

Hey FF!

I have just updated our September Budget.


  1. Nice budget. So detailed :) Looks like both of you are investing a good amount into your retirements.

  2. HEY Liquid. It's funny you dropped a lign, because I just visited your blog and I have to say: great job on the Net Worth! Incredible! Mine has been quite flatlined these past couple of months since I quit my job. But it will bounce back!

    We are not investing that much actually, it only represent less than 10% of our budget. I have set up, for both us, a automatic contribution to an Index funds. It's free of charge with the bank (I mean we don't pay commission fees but the fees in general are higher than with ETF's). When the amount of money is substantial enough, we will sell to buy more stocks.

    Take care and thanks for passing by.


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