Wednesday, November 27, 2013

News from me

Hey Financial Freaks,

Last couple of months have been quite hectic for me. No, I didn't start working again. Geez, let me enjoy my freedom a little bit! Who needs to work anyway when the stock market is rocketing like it is at the moment? Ok, ok, some people need to work in order for us to cash in our monthly flowing of dividends.

I have been enjoying my year off from work; been traveling a little bit here and there (Chicago, Atlantic City, Washington DC, etc.). Been busy working on many projects.

I also took on a course, which is closely link to the topic of this blog. I am currently following the Canadian Securities Course.

I have to say : I am learning a lot. I am not sure where exactly if will lead me, but it will help me be a better investor. NO doubt about it.

I have not been injecting a lot of money in my portfolio lately, apart from the small sum I put on a bi-weekly basis in Placement Québec bonds and in my RBC American Index Fund -- the latter is doing pretty well I might say (but what's not?).

Some thought on my main holdings :

CP (Canadian Pacific Railway) : 160$ Do I have to say more? I bought the share at roughly 58$…Just wish I hadn't sold some at 75$

POW (Power Corporation) and PWF (Power Financial) : 32$ and 36$ I told you! This company is a pearl. So cautious and yet so effective. Only wish there could be a dividend increase eventually.

ABX (Barrick Gold) : 17$ Do I have to say more. Barrick is a mess. I hold, but I don't foresee any light in the coming years. ABX collects, hands down, my Prix Citron.

JNJ (Johnson and Johnson): 95$ A jewel acting like one. Once upon a time I had 200 shares of JNJ. Now I hold 130. The weight of JNJ in my portfolio is close to 10% If it keeps going up I will have to chop my shares amount again. But eh, it's for a good cause!

I am tired of holding up cash. I'd like a small correction so I could make some moves. But patience.

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