Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coming out of the woods!

Hey Financial Freaks,

 I'm not sure a lot of you guys are still visiting this blog, since I haven't been posting much these past months. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

Heck, I wasn't even coming myself!

 So what's new for me? Well, a lot and not much at the same time. I still don't have a steady job and that's fine with me. Actually, I haven't been searching that much. Got lucky enough that one organization approached me to do some consulting for them.

I love this experience. I get to work on my term, at my convenience and at 100$ per hour I CAN'T complain. Keep' em coming. Working for «you» is something new for me. It takes discipline, which I already have. I guess all investors share that quality. We don't need people telling us what to do in the first place. I was managing my money already, why not my payday?

So, as soon as I get pay, i redirect my cash into two different accounts : investing and paying the bills and the Taxman. Since I don't have any pension plan anymore, I focus on my RRSP first and then, if I still have some left, I look for my TFSA and my non registered account.

 Right now I have only one client, but I am actually trying to find a few more. Will see how it goes. But right now it's been pretty cool money wise. It's been quieter since mid-June. But I presume it will pick up after the summer.

 On the Investing front, things have been quite calm for the past year and a half. The bargains are all long gone. Patience is key. I did make a few small buys. But will be looking to add some more as soon as there's a corrections soon.

 I bought some shares of BCE, a telecommunications company, a year ago in July. It'a a small position I would like to grow. It's only 1,37% of my portfolio. This sector is clearly under represented in my profile.

 I also bought some more Cominar, CUF.UN, a Quebec based REIT. I have 150 shares now. The yield is very good. But I am dreading an eventual interest rate hike. It it happens, the share will dip and I will buy some more.

 You'll notice I have 2 000 shares of both Junex (JNX) and Orbite (ORT). These are small-cap stocks. They could either go very well or south. Will see. They represent the volatile portion of my portfolio. 

Today I bought some shares of a superb Canadian company that I was following for quite some time, Couche-Tard that is. The share is pricey. But I figured, in the long run, that the share had some great potential. Downside : the meagre dividend. The yield is 0.55 % pretty much under inflation rate!

By the way, I have updated my Net Worth. Slowly (but surely) going up.

Let me know what you think of my recent buys. How do you like my portfolio?