Thursday, January 29, 2015

Two years off the Rat Race (part I)

It's been two years now since I quit my lucrative and permanent job. Two years off the Rat Race. Time flies. I guess it's long enough for one to ask himself if the move was right.

Was it? Absolutely.

I guess it all comes back to what Stebe Jobs said : "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become"...

(For those who aren't aware of this move two years ago, I recommend you check out some of my previous posts, namely this one)

For one, I don't feel miserable like I once felt. Quitting a job you don't like is like getting a load off your back. You feel free, you feel lighter. You are up for everything that comes your way.

I began to sleep better, to eat better, to live better. No more sleeping pills. No more stress. No more moronic colleagues. Just me and time, a lot of it.

This feeling of lightness is still with me. Although I would be lying if I didn't say that some other concerns were creeping up on me after a couple of months. I guess it's normal. One has to pay the mortgage, right!

So, there's a lot of moments of lucidity when you ask yourself : "where am I going with all this"?
It's a legitimate question, isn't it?

When I decided to leave I didn't have a big plan in mind. In fact, it was more like : "let's get out of here as quick as possible".

I thought. well, I'm educated and I was doing well before, it shouldn't be a problem.
In fact it hasn't.

To be quite honest, up until march last year I didn't do much on the working front. I had just took the Canadian Securities Course to give me a comprehensive knowledge of stocks. (It did offer me a strong basis to take care of my financial stuff.) If you are Canadian and interested, I suggest you check out this site :

Anyway, up to that point (in march), I had mostly spend time traveling, fixing my old motorcycle and studying. I had my cash-out to live on and my girlfriend was working and helping. (I do have to thank her for being so supportive.)

So, when I got a call from someone I know that was working for a well-known politician I was kind of caught off-guard.

- Would you be interested in writing a speech for this particular announcement ?

(to be followed)

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