Thursday, March 5, 2015

Random thoughts (Purchase, AdSense, Investment Orthodoxy)

Stock purchase for my girlfriend : some of you already know I have initiated a position in Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) recently. It's a small one, mind you, but nevertheless adds some money to my dividend income stream. My GF too has her own portfolio, although smaller than mine. She holds some of the same stocks as I, but not all of them. However, BNS is now of the stocks we both share. Since yesterday she now holds more shares than me. (damn)

Part of my strategy -- aside from taking into accounts the ratios (PE, EPS, etc.), dividend history and all that -- will mostly consist of buying stocks I already own. I will therefore have to wait  for a price fallout of at least 10% compare to their highest price of the stock during the year. (Check out my strategy here). This was the case yesterday with BNS dropping more than 12% from its year high. Boom! I had to make a move. Why didn't I buy more from myself? Like I mentioned in a recent post related to my Portfolio Sector Allocation, I'm pretty much set right now on the Financial front. But it doesn't mean I won't budge at all. Let's wait and see.

AdSense : some of you might have noticed I have some publicity on my blog now. Yeah, I'm trying out this Adsense thing. I guess this is all new stuff for me. Not sure I understand completely how to interpret the datas. It looks as though I might have made 2.00$ in February! Not sure how I did it. Anyway, let's not pop up the champagne yet. I decided not to put too much ads on my blog. It bugs me when I visit one and they are everywhere. Ads shouldn't bother a visitor. Will see how this thing turns out to be. If you have any clue or advice for me. I'm all ears.

Dividend Investors Orthodoxy: a received a somewhat condescending private message basically saying I shouldn't waste time investing in so-called penny stocks. That this wasn't real investing and it was a stain, a black spot on my portfolio consisting of mostly serious dividend paying companies. Yeah, you read well. Apparently this person doesn't like speculative investment at all. I totally understand the point. In all seriousness, it's true investing and speculating are at complete opposite. I get that. This is why a tiny % of my portfolio is dedicated to those long-shot investments. I don't think investing this way is in any way disrespectful of my strategy nor does it represent a stain on my portfolio. We are allowed a little flexibility, aren't we ? It's my money after all! Besides, I only hold two speculative investments. Here's what I was writing about this in Portfolio Sector Allocation post.

Sector% portfolio% Goal
Penny Stocks2.59%3%

Surely, it's a little pejorative to call Junex (JNX) and Therapeutics Knight ( penny stocks. But they don't belong in the Dividend stocks category either. Let's call them speculative companies. Junex operates in the energy sector and Knight in the pharma one. I think 3 % of one's portfolio is not too much for having a little fun, don't you think? I have big and very colourful aspirations for these two. Let's dream big.

Do you think that person is out of this head? (I do). Do you hold any speculative investments? What are your takes on this issue?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, TGE. Good luck growing your adsense revenue. One of my first months was a couple of bucks like that, but that grew over time...keep at might need a few tweaks here and there. Make sure you add a wide banner at the top (something like 728x90). Those are the best performers traditionally.
    But realistically, you should add responsive ads....since a lot of ppl like to read on mobile or, your ads should adjust accordingly.

    As for penny stocks...I am not a fan either, but hey - im not gonna tell someone not to do it. If you are comfortable with the risk, then all teh power to you. Like you said, it is your money afterall. I havent heard about either of those companies...which is probably why they are penny stocks.

    Best wishes


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