Sunday, March 8, 2015

Welcome Monsieur Dividende!

In my last post, I was asking advices on how to run AdSense in a more effective way. A fellow blogger that goes by the name of Roadmap2retire was kind enough to provide me some key pointers (thanks again R2R).

One of his advice was to unify my names, create a single branding. I definitely agreed. I've been thinking about this for a while. Heck, you now there's a problem when your girlfriend can't find your blog!

Indeed, I was all over the place : The Great Escape, My-own-rat-race, QuitratRace, Johnny Ca$h. You name the names and chances are it was me! I use the past tense, because a new me is now born : Monsieur Dividende.

Why Monsieur Dividende? It's simple. The word "Dividende" refers to Dividend Investing. It has a French twist (French is my mother tongue. And no I'm not French! -- not that there's anything wrong with that). Hence also the word Monsieur.

After much problems setting up all this (geez whiz, didn't think I would have to implement HTML code a some point), I can say my new single branding Monsieur Dividende is now in full effect.

  • My new email address is :

Who's Monsieur Dividende? That's me, a future millionaire, and yes you can spread the word!

How do you like my new name? How do you like the move?


  1. MD,

    Much better to have just one brand name! Love the logo.

    Hope to read more in the future,

    1. Thank you NMW. The logo reminds me of the Fishing season that's about to start! Thanks for following me.

  2. You are welcome, MD. Happy to help :)
    Looks like your ads are back online, thats back to normal as well.

    Best wishes

    1. Yeah, the ads are back... this web site change was like being stock in a maze for a few hours!

      But now thanks to you, Monsieur Dividende is born! ;-) Thank you R2R.

  3. I like the new branding! I am sure the consolidated brand will save you a lot of time as well, allowing you to spread the one unified name out that much easier. I am looking forward to following along!

    Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats

  4. Hey Bert,

    Yeah the single branding already save me some time and headaches. Thanks for following me Dividend Diplomat.

    Let our journey towards financial freedom be swift and rewarding!

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. I like the new branding as well. Good job!

  6. Thanks Tawcan. I like it too. The thing I like most about my new branding is that I only have one name! ;-) Thanks for coming.


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