Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My 2016 Financial Goals

In 2016, I have set myself new Financial Goals:

To respect a monthly budget of less than 4 750$. (Money Invested regularly excluded).

To max out my TSFA and hit the 52 K$ mark. Right now, I have 43 243$ in it. I have room for 5500$ this year (thanks to the Liberals!). Let’s assume a yield of around 5-6 % in addition to 1 300$ in dividends. Some of my stocks are doing poorly (ABX, POT, etc.) Hopefully, my other stocks will compensate and pull my portfolio upwards. It should get me to 52 K$ by the end of the year.

To grow my net worth to 233 K$. I expect a more constant revenue this year. Right now, I have a Net Worth of 205K$ With a yield of 5-6%, that should take me to 217 K$ solely on compounding. With my dividends of about 4K$ and the few new capital money I should add to the mix I expect to close out the year with 233 K$.

To hit the 188 K $ mark in my portfolio. Right now I have roughly 162 K$ (you can check it out here). I still have some cash flow to invest. But I wish to invest only in quality stocks I already own (or new ETF’s). I don’t want to add more stocks to my portfolio. I feel I already have enough with 22... The yield of my portfolio will come from compounding (5-6%). I will also keep investing on a bi-monthly basis in a US Index Fund. I will sell some of this fund throughout the year to deploy the money directly in stocks. Money coming from dividends will contribute to grow my portfolio as I both expect raises and buying more dividend growing shares of companies I own. I should be able to end 2016 with (or close to) 188 K$.

To hike my Dividend income to 5 400$ a year. Right now, I have roughly 4 300$. I want to increase that number to 5 400$, which will represent 450$ per month, an increase of more than 20%. 

To stay out of debt. I don’t have any bad debt as we speak (apart from the mort-gage, which is a good debt). That's the way we like it. Let’s keep it that way.

To find another form of investment. A land, a cottage, a new condo, a house, a wood forrest. Anything that diversify our assets.

What do you think ? Should I be bolder ?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My November Dividend Income Summary + Latest buys: $CUF.UN $VZ $RY $KHC $ENB $CNR

November 2015 is in the rear view mirror and it's that time again for a Dividend Income Summary of the Month.

But before giving you the usual numbers, let me tell you about my recent buys. Yeah, once again Monsieur Dividende couldn't resist to make the best of the recent Market dip.

My buys :

I bought 20 shares of Canadian National Railway (CNR) at 72,80$. As you know, I'm a proud owner of two of Canada's finest Railways : Canadian Pacific and CNR. This segment accounts to roughly 7% of my entire Portfolio. It's not much but I have to say (between you and me) that it feels like railways accounts for 25% on my investors heart. Boys will be boys : there is something about trains... Chou-chou! These two stocks give me 131$ annually. Again, it's not much but I figure these too will be able to raise their dividends at a higher rate than inflation. As soon as CP is done with buying another (and bigger) railway company, I guess it will think about its shareholders. Their current dividend yield is not even close to 1%. What's that Hunter Harrison?

I also mentioned on Twitter the acquisition of 25 shares of Enbridge (ENB), one of Canada's largest pipelines company. ENB has been on my buying list since 2011, but the price of the stock was always too high. Thanks to oil price (and Kinder Morgan!) the price of the stock has been cheaper. Hence me acquiring 25 shares at 44,70$. The following days it went as low as 41$ Oh well, never been really good with market timing... My stakes in Transcanada Corp and Enbridge remain small, but time will tell if I can add some more shares. Right now, the energy sector of my portfolio accounts to close to 10%. I might raise it to 12%. And these companies provide me with 177,80$ annually. Pretty pretty good numbers...

All right fellow investors, back to my Dividend Summary. As you can see on my Passive Income page, 4 companies chipped in for this month. November is a quiet month on the dividend front. Nevertheless, it's still money coming in!

This month I managed to collect 166.46$The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:
  • REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 24.87$ (which I use in part to buy one more share with my DRIP)
  • Verizon (VZ) : 18.39$
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RY): 90.85$
  • Kraft-Heinz Company (KHC) : 32.35$

My total Dividend paid for 2015 : 3312.64 + 166.46$ = 3479.10$ (my special dividend from Kraft-Heinz included)

My Total Dividend paid since I started Dividend Investing : 12 592.17$ + 166.46 $ : 12 758.63$

What do you think of my dividend income stream -- and my latest acquisitions?