Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My October Dividend Income Summary: $BNS $KHC $MDLZ $CP $BCE $CUF.UN

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my tenth Dividend Income Summary for 2016. 

As you can see on my Passive Income pagecompanies chipped in for this month of October. 

This is not a big number in terms of company (nor in income), but remember I do not hold a lot of them. I keep my holdings to a minimum of 20. Why? Because I consider this amount to be more than enough to feel well diversified.

People tend to forget that sometimes their holdings are already pretty well diversified. Take for instance Power Corporation (POW). When you are buying POW you are actually buying stakes in various companies throughout the world : Pernod Ricard, LafargeHolcim, Total, WealthSimple, etc. They also own directly or indirectly insurance companies (London Life, Irish Life, Great-West), financial companies (Group Investors, Mackenzie, etc.) as well as many funds like Sagard China. Needless to say this company is well diversified.

This is true for many companies. So before going on a buying spree and stacking up as many companies as you possibly can, remember to consider wisely what exactly you are investing in. Maybe then you will realize that you won't need to invest in this particular sector or region simply because you already have.

Not much too add considering the current state of the Market. It's pretty pricey and I don't see much buying occasions on my part. I don't plan on holding new positions so I will have to wait for some drops on my actual shares. I might add some Cominar (CUF.UN) at some point... Will see.

This month I managed to collect the pretty decent sum of 249.23$

The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

·      1-REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 24.99$

·      2-Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) : 111.74$

·      3-Kraft-Heinz (KHC) : 33.55$

·      4-Mondelez (MDLZ) : 26,65$

·      5-Canadian Pacific (CP) : 25,00$

·      6-BCE (BCE): 27,30$

My total Dividend paid for 2016 :  
250.47$+ 256.52$+531.59$+313.70$+160.71$+400.55$+319.49$+177.71$+556.96$+249.23$ = 3216,93$

Total Dividend paid since I started Investing :  19 609.64$+249.23$ = 19 858,87$

What do you think of my dividend income stream?