Thursday, December 1, 2016

My November Dividend Income Summary: $PWF $VZ $VSB $CUF.UN $RY

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my eleventh Dividend Income Summary for 2016. 

As you can see on my Passive Income page5 companies chipped in for this month of November. 

It's been a pretty quiet month dividend wise. But I have been more active on the transactions front. Yes, 4 transactions is a lot for me. Remember : we are suppose to buy and hold. (I know it's not easy.)

BuyCUF.UN100$13,95$1 395,00
BuyBCE20$57,50$1 150,00
SellVCN50$30,39$1 519,50
Sell VIU100$23,81$2 381,00

So I made a couple of purchases, namely Cominar (CUF.UN) which is the only REIT I currently hold. I simply bought it to average down my cost per share since the stock has been recently beat down. I am considering buying another REIT with perhaps a greater exposure to the apartments sector. I'm thinking along the line of Boardwalk (BEI.UN) and Canadian Appartment Properties (CAR.UN). Appartements aside, I also like RIO Can REIT (REI.UN). If they drop again by more than 10% I might make a move on either of these fellas.

And, on a rare occasion since I first initiated a position, my telecom stock BCE dropped a little and I decided to scoop 20 shares at 57,50$. The stock is now trading at roughly the same price, but I will wait for another dip before making a move. I am considerably low on telecom exposure. And I know you folks out there are hooked on those so-called smart-phones -- among other things. (Don't deny it, I see you in the subway holding on to dear life to your devices)

I did sell some shares of my Vanguard Index Funds simply because I wanted to keep my portfolio allocation to a perfect 80-20 (between bonds and stocks). In the meantime it provides additional cash in case of a drop in my individual stocks. Asset allocation is key. I can easily do this by selling (or buying -- depending on how the market fluctuates) either some bonds or stocks in my funds. This way I can keep my original settings. If the Market goes up I sell some shares or buy some more bonds. If the Market goes down I buy some more shares or sell some more bonds. Easy peasy.

This month I managed to collect the pretty decent sum of 257.20$

The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

·      1-REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 30.63$

·      2-Royal Bank of Canada (RY) : 107.90$

·      3-Power Financial (PWF) : 78.50$

·      4-Verizon (VZ) : 19.29$

·      5- Vanguard Canadian Bonds (VSB) : 21,18$

My total Dividend paid for 2016 :  
+177.71$+556.96$+249.23$+257.50 = 3474.43$

Total Dividend paid since I started Investing :  19 858,87$+257.20$ = 20116.07$

What do you think of my dividend income stream? 


  1. Nice work, MD. Congrats on the dividend income.


  2. Hey thanks buddy. It's not a bad of a month. I wish I could be more agressive and buy more but, as you know ver well, one has to be wary of Mr Market these days. Let's wait to see what 2017 has in store for us! ;)

  3. You have a nice amount of passive income and your total that you have brought in is good keep it up.

  4. Congrats on going over $20K of total dividend income! That's a huge achievement :) Bravo Monsieur D!

  5. Merci Div in Hands. ;-) It's a great sum and it wasn't so hard to achieve in the end. That is the power of investing!

  6. Not a bad month at all. Instead of selling to keep your asset allocation in line - do you ever consider just moving additional contributions towards the asset class that's below your target?

    1. Hey timeinthemarketblog ! absolutely. If my bond allocation goes up and my stocks allocation goes down I can take some fresh money and buy more stocks -- instead of selling bonds. I try to buy stocks when Mr. Market is down and buy bonds when Mr Market is up.

  7. Awesome month of dividend income - really like RBC as a company and hope to pick up some shares in the future - price willing. Im including your monthly income report in my monthly round up.

  8. Hello PS, thanks for the kind words. YeahI ove RBC. It's my bank so I thought I might as well be a shareholder! Thanks for adding me to your monthly round up! ;-)


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