Monday, October 2, 2017

Dividend Summary of September + Latest buy and Dividend increase $JNJ $POW $FTS $SU $ENB

Hello freaks of the financial thing!

As you can see on my Passive Income page, 13 companies --  yes that's a s***-load of businesses... -- chipped in for this month of September. 

It's a great month when you pass the 500$ bar. So reaching the 600$ line is simply... awesome.

This month I managed to collect the exact sum of 617.01$. Katching!

I have to underline some of the big contributions coming notably from Johnson and Johnson, Enbridge, Power Corporation, Suncor and Fortis.

My Dividends came from:

               REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 38.00$ (I sold 100 shares. of CUF..UN after their last divvy cut)

               REIT Rio Can (REI.UN) : 17.63$ (my second largest REIT)

               REIT Canadian Apartment Properties (CAR.UN) : 5.33$ (third largest REIT. Duh!)

              Vanguard VSB (VSB) : 16.69$ (boring bonds paying cool and steady interests)

              Vanguard VIU (VIU) : 12.96$ (my International exposure through Index Fund)

              Enbridge (ENB) : 91.50$ (t's impressive how those dividends get bigger and bigger)

              Fortis (FTS) : 51.20$ (as soon as this stock drops, I will buy more)

              Alimentation Couche-Tard (ATD.B) : 10.80$ (still looking for their recent divvy raise?)

               Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) : 132.69$ (favourite stock. When can I buy some more?)

               Power Corporation (POW) : 107.55$ (One of my oldest and most reliable stock)

               Canadian National Railway (CNR) : 41.25$ (wow, the divvy start to look more interesting)

               Kraft Heinz (KHC) :  32.21$ (this stock is dropping, but not the US dollar....)

               Suncor (SU) :  59.20$ (nice divvy from a stock I am learning to like again)

Total Dividend paid for 2017 :  

260,30$ + 264.24$ + 556.30+278.54$+283.42+662.43$+322.72$+232.29$+617.01 = 3477.25$

Latest buy 
  • RIO CAN  Real Estate (REI.UN) : I bought some more of it since it had dipped again. I bought 25 units at 23.72$ This adds 35.25$ to my annual dividend income.  I recently found out (through the media) that the company will sell 100 properties worth about $2 billion. Some of the money will be used to repurchase RioCan trust units.
Dividend news from my companies 
  • Sept. 7 : Verizon (VZ) raised its quarterly dividend to 0.59$  (2.2% increase)
What do you think of this September updates on companies of my portfolio? Any stocks you own or might like to own at some point?

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