Tuesday, February 6, 2018

January Dividend Income Summary $BCE $CP $BCE + Latest buys + and Dividend Raise

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my first Dividend Income Summary for 2018. 

Yeah, I know, my timing sucks as we are in the midst of a Market correction and everybody is freaking out. Who cares about dividends! Well, I do and you should too.

It's currently the circle of freaks. The medias talks about it. We talk about it. People freak out about it. Your brother-in-law calls you up and freaks out about it.

And you're not freaking out about it and that makes them even more freaked out.

Should I be freaked out? No. Do I like saying freaked out? Yes.

I haven't been investing for that long (10+years) but I know these periods will come and go, and I am more than confortable with my positions. They will pay me dividends while the Market fluctuates (that's what it does) for the next 40+ years (longer if possible). So why freak out? I don't need this capital money.

The only thing that makes me angry is that the bull market was so freaking long that I ended with not a lot of liquidity to really punch into some bargain stocks. But, eh, they might be even cheaper down the line this year. So buckle up and be ready to make a move.

Now let's talk numbers. How did you stack-up divvy wise? I have to say my harvest is modest even though 10 companies chipped in this month.  Check it out on my Passive Income page.

In January, I managed to collect 400.06$The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

                Canadian Pacific (CP) : 30.94$

                Vanguard International (VIU) : 13.71$

                Vanguard (VSB) : 25.80$ 

                BCE (BCE) : 71.75$

                Empire (EMP.A) : 15.75$

                Mondelez (MDLZ) : 29.17$

                Bank of Nova Scotia : 134.30$ (automatically purchased a share at 81.81

                Rio Can Real Estate (REI.UN) :  17.63$

                REIT Canadian Apartment Properties (CAR.UN) : 5.33$  

                ATCO (ACO.X) : 55.68$

My total Dividend paid for 2018 :  = 400.06$

Latest buys 
  • Bought 41 shares of Fortis (FTS). The share price was about 43.80$. I thought their 10% drop was significant enough to increase my position. Now it's trading at 41$ ! I still think of increasing my position which represents less than 4% of my portfolio. This new purchase adds 69.70$ to my annual dividend tally. Fortis pays a annual dividend of 1,70$.
  • Bought 10 shares of Canadian National Railway (CNR). You know how I love trains so I was closely watching this stock when it was trading below it's 10% high. I Bought them at 99.70$, which adds 18.20$ to my annual divvy income. CNR pays a annual dividend of 1,82$. They recently increased their dividend. (see below)
Dividend news from my companies 

  1. January 23 : CN Railway (CNR) raised its quaterly dividend to 0.455$ (10% increase)

What do you think of this first dividend summary of 2018? 


  1. Woot congrats monsieur. 400 bucks is great. Really nice additions as well! Hard to time purchases thats for sure.

    1. Thanks man. Can't complain! Thanks for coming down here. Much appreciated. It is hard to buy when the stock crashes... but it's the right time to do it! ;)

  2. It's all good monsieur. Money that you don't have to work for is the best!


    1. Money you don't have to work for is great indeed. I adore this concept! ha ha Thanks MG

  3. Congrats monsieur! Nice set of dividends. I like your VIU position.

    1. Thanks Divvy Geek! Yeah, VIU is my international exposure outside of the US and Canada. I would like to increase it over time.


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