Monday, March 5, 2018

February Dividend Income Summary $PWF $RY $VZ + Latest buys + and Dividend Raise

Hey Financial Freaks! (yes you who come down here to check my stuff)

February is short and not a lot of companies show their love at this time of year-- for me anyway. However, not all is grim during this sad winter month (yes, I hate February) because I have two of my Big 6 that are chipping in, namely Royal Bank and Power Financial. Whenever you receive more than 100$ quarterly from one of your jokers, you know you are starting to punch big numbers (I like to tell myself that anyway).

Now let's talk numbers. Only seven companies chipped in this month.  Check it out on my Passive Income pageI still managed to collect the sum of 354.36$The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

                RBC Royal Bank (RY) : 118.30$ (this is my bank, which makes it even sweeter)

                Rio Can Real Estate (REI.UN) :  18.00$

                REIT Canadian Apartment Properties (CAR.UN) : 5.33$  

                Power Financial  (PWF): 123.75$ (love their stake in Wealthsimple. Divvy increase coming

                Verizon (VZ) : 36.10$ (growing stake in this stock. Slowly but surely)

                Cominar REIT (CUF.UN) : 23.94$ (bought one more unit at 13.79$)

                Vanguard (VSB) : 28.94$ (boring paying bonds.)

My total Dividend paid for 2018 :  = 400.06$+354.36$

Latest buys 
  • Bought 20 shares of Fortis (FTS). I had already bought some in January... so when the share price dropped some more I pulled the trigger once again, This new purchase adds 34$ to my annual dividend tally. The company pays a annual dividend of 1,70$. I now hold 190 shares of Fortis. (I will make it 200 real soon due to my OTC...) FTS represents 4,29% of my entire portfolio.
  • Bought 10 shares of the Kraft-Heinz Company (KHC).  I have initiated a position in KHC way back when... The stock was trading around 30$ That was before its split from Mondelez, before Buffet and 3G Capital, before the special dividend... So needless to say my share-price average is much lower than the actual price. So when it dropped by 30% , I figured it was time to add some more. I now hold 75 share, which provides me with 187.50$ annually. I expect KHC to make a great buy sooner than later. They tried with Unilever. Who's the next elephant?I'm ready. KHC represents 3,46% of my entire portfolio.
Dividend news from my companies 
  1. February 7 : Suncor (SU) raised its quaterly dividend to 0.36$ (12.5% increase)
  2. February 8 : BCE (BCE) raised its quarterly dividend to 0.755 (5,2% increase)
  3. February 24 : Royal Bank (RY) raised its quarterly dividend to 0.94$ (3% increase)
  4. February 27 : Bank of N. Scotia (BNS) raised its quarterly dividend to 0.82$ (3,8% increase)
What do you think of this first dividend summary of 2018?