Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March Dividend Income Summary $JNJ $POW $FTS + Latest buys $ACO.X + and Dividend Raise

Hey Personal Financial Freaks! This is my third Dividend Income Summary for 2018. 

As you can see on my Passive Income page, 11 companies chipped in for this month.  Wow!

In March, I managed to collect the pretty decent amount of 672.20$

The amounts are all in Canadian dollars. 

My Dividends came from:

                REIT Cominar (CUF.UN) : 24.04$  (I don't know what to do with the 200 shares I still own of this stock. Thinking about it right now...)

                Vanguard VSB (VSB) : 14.13$ (steady income from this low-cost bond fund)

                Enbridge (ENB) : 114.07$ (Boom! But is the divvy sustainable? What do you think?)

                Power Corp (POW) : 107.55$ (The Canadian financial conglomerate will probably increase its dividend in May. What are you waiting for?)

                Fortis (FTS) : 80.75$ (Ka-Boom too).

               Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) : 140.47$ (King of Kings. Dividend increase in April...).

              Suncor (SU) : 66.60$ (SU isn't part of my big 5 anymore, it's still a force to be reckon with.)

             Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) : 51.21$ (What does Warren have in store with this stock?).

             Rio Can Real Estate (REI.UN) :  18.00$

             Canadian National Railway (CNR) : 50.05$ (Tchou-tchou).

             REIT Canadian Apartment Properties (CAR.UN) : 5.33$  

My total Dividend paid for 2018 :  = 400.06$+354.36$+672.20$

Latest buys and sells
  • ActionTickerSector#PriceDivvy
    SoldCUF.UNReal Estate53$13.02$38.16
    SoldEMP.AConsumer Staple150$25.54$78.00
    AchatACO.XUtility 20$41.70$30.00
Dividend news from my companies 
  1. March 8 : Cominar (CUF.UN) cut its annual dividend to 0.72$ (37% decrease)
  2. March, 23 : Power Financial (PWF) raised its quarterly dividend to 0.4330$ (5% increase)
What do you think of this first dividend summary of 2018? 


  1. Congrats - another solid month. I got my first dividend from POW in March..hoping for an increase soon as well!

    1. Thanks bud. I own a lot of POW and PWF but at those levels it's tempting to add some. Again! ;-)

  2. 1.400 $ in three months is a nice amount of dividends. Keep up the good work !!

    1. Thanks bud. Yes, my divvy income is picking up steam. Unfortunately I had a few hurdels, job wise... so I couldn't ad much in the past year. Been solely paying the house. Oh well... it's not always a straight line, is it!

    2. Yeah I know. Last year I bought a House with my girlfriend so i was forced to choose between my already existing apartment and my portfolio. Decided to keep the apartment and my dividends went to zero.

    3. I hear you! Well, the important thing is you have an asset. It may not pay you 4 times a year, but it will still grow over time. There is always a silver lining. Besides... you might be buying your future stocks quite cheap... if things keep going south. ;)

  3. Hah, let's hope some volatility soon ;)

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