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  1. MD, just came across your site, and it's a great resource for us Canadian investors!

    Quick question: which brokerage do you use? I am currently with TD, however at $9.99 per trade, would like to find something cheaper (or free if possible).


  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm using a bank brokerage branch like you. They also charge 9.99$ per trade. I know some companies like Questrade charge a little less, around 6$.

    I have most of my money in one particular place, so I find it easier to stick with the bank I do business with. But this isn't set in stone and I might reconsider it at some point in time. Like you may know, we have to cut expenses wherever it's possible! Thanks for droping by.

  3. cibc only charge 6.95 for a transaction

  4. wow, maybe other big banks will follow

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